“I was looking for a venue that would be suitable for me to hold my workshop in the local area, as it was my first workshop in a long time and I wanted to ensure that the event had a successful outcome. It was important for me to find a venue that provided ample parking, easily accessible equipment and resources, was reasonably priced and consistently reflected the level of professionalism that I value as an important part of my business success.

I was recommended to make contact with the Balla Balla Community Centre and I’m very happy that I did so. Not only was I impressed with the professionalism of the staff and venue, I was also very impressed with the flexibility and support provided to me as I prepared to hold my workshop. I had access to all the resources I needed to facilitate my workshop and as a startup business this assisted me to avoid unnecessary additional expenses.

The Balla Balla team demonstrated their great organizational skills by providing very clear instructions on accessing the venue after hours (my event was run on a weekend) and I was given an induction prior to the event where any questions I had were answered promptly. I was able to utilize the same induction for my workshop crew on the day, which saved me considerable time.

When I was planning the event I was also offered the opportunity to tap into the network through the Balla Balla Community Centre and while it was not a priority at the time I am definitely intending to increase my networking opportunities through the Centre as my business grows and develops.

My workshop was a fantastic success, a large part of which was as a result of the professional support and the friendly accommodating environment at Balla Balla, as my workshop participants felt very comfortable. The post event service from the team was of equally fantastic standards.

As a result of this experience I am definitely utilizing the Balla Balla Community Centre as my number one option in the Cranbourne area to hold future professional workshops and will be confident to refer others to this same venue.

Thank you to Maree and her wonderful team for being so welcoming, organized and professional. It makes a huge difference to my ability to build my business professionally that facilities such as Balla Balla are available to the community.”

Kate Welk
Mastering Change and Emerging Leaders Academy